In the southwest of Zakynthos, at the gorgeous Gulf of Laganas lays the small village of Limni Keriou. In the most beautiful and quiet area of this village, only 100 meters from the beach, you will find Yannis' village with the three rental villas Jasmin, Bokavilia and Ortansia.

Villa Ortansia Villa Bokavillia Villa Jasmin
These traditionally styled villas surrounded by olive groves, greenery and beautiful flowers offer everything for an unforgettable holiday.

It’s a quiet place, far from the hectics of modern life, where children can play freely while you just lay back, relax in the sun and enjoy the natural beauty.

In the evening you can start the barbeque in the cosy garden or enjoy a traditional meal prepared of local products on your veranda.

Whether you are a family with children or a group of friends, when you rent a villa of Yannis' village you can be assured it will provide all the conditions to have the most enjoyable holiday ever.